Top 5 Best Ladies Watches that Looks Beautiful with Ethnic Wear

As far as looks are concerned, women are very particular and they take care of each minute detail while dressing themselves up. From earrings to footwear, they do not like to compromise with their looks. A watch is one of the most important fashion accessories and to wear a perfect watch that goes with your dress is necessary as well. Mentioned below is the list of ladies watches that will look beautiful when you pair them with your ethnic wear.

Larsson and Jennings CM Gold-plated Watch

Larsson and Jennings CM gold plated watch is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful ladies watches you will find in the market that comes with an affordable price tag. It features a lightweight gold plated metal chain strap and Roman numerals on an oversized white dial. This water resistant watch will look great on any ethnic dress you decide to wear.

Asos Watermelon Watch

Asos’s latest offering is a watermelon inspired designer watch that looks fashionable and sporty. Its unique design has already captured many eyeballs and is sure to attract more. The black watermelon beans on the midsize red dial represent the numerals whereas strap of the watch has watermelon print. The only drawback of the watch is that it’s not water resistant.

Daniel Wellington Classic Canterbury Lady

Daniel Wellington is well known for its decent yet edgy style watches and the Classic Canterbury Lady is a perfect example to prove it. Increase your style quotient with this nylon interchangeable strap that comes in black, blue and red shade with a 6mm slimline face that features white background with the company’s name at the top.

Michael Kors Ladies’ Bracelet Watch

If you wish to buy a glamorous watch that not only goes with your dress but also with your diamond jewelry then Michael Kors Ladies’ Bracelet Watch is for you. The watch strap is made of stainless steel and has a pretty blue dial with blingy hour markers. It’s unarguably a great ladies watch that will definitely seek a lot of attention.

Karl Lagerfeld Perspektive Black Ladies Bracelet Watch

A watch with very unique design that looks more like a piece of jewelry than wrist watches. Perspektive Black ladies Bracelet Watch introduced by Karl Lagerfeld has already created demand in the market with its unmatched style and small size. The strap and dial of the watch is designed all black that goes perfectly with dress of any color.

Timex Weekender Oversized

Timex Weekender Oversized is a ladies watch that not only goes with ethnic wear but also looks great on formals. This versatile watch features chronograph technology that is said to deliver super accurate time. It comes with a detachable strap that enables you to choose from various leather and nylon styles. It’s among the best mid-range ladies watches in the market.

The Last Words

Although all of them come with great mechanism and a beautiful design but the one that stands out in the competition is Larson and Jennings CM gold plated watch. It’s a versatile watch that looks great on ethnic wear as well as on formals.

5 Latest Designer Kurti Trends Prevailing in India This Year

Kurtis have always been a very popular choice among ladies across various age groups for the comfort they provide. Be it a casual day at college, a meeting with your relatives or a wedding ceremony, the kurtis are the perfect wear for you. Unlike the old times, these Kurtis don’t have to be boring at all. They can be trendy, colorful and be something that defines your personality. Today, we present you with some of the best designer kurtis that are trending in the country.


The latest trends surrounding the salwaar-kameez and chooridars in the market today are the Indo-western suits. They combine the traditional Indian Kurtis alongside the western designs including crop-tops and asymmetry tops. Usually the deep neck lines, designs on sleeves, and design on the kurti separates it from an Indian Kurti. These Indo-western Kurtis are perfect for casual outings or evening dates.

Asymmetric Suits

The modern-day silhouettes are also trending a lot these days. The asymmetric suits involve the kurta or tops to be shorter on the front side while stretching down to your knees on the back. They can be easily paired with palazzos or loose pants with a dupatta draped around to give the perfect look for a night out. These kurtis are generally lightweight as they are made out of crepe or chiffon.

Side Slit

If you are looking for something traditional and classy to wear for a wedding, then Side Slit could be an option you should be looking at. Instead of two slits at the sides of the Kurtis, the Side Slit Kurti only involves one a single long slit from your waistline down to the length of Kurti below your knees. These can be perfectly paired with embroidery pants to make a style statement.

Anarkali Kurtis

How can you leave out the Anarkali from the list of top designer kurtis? No, you don’t surely. These kurtis are the perfect mixture of traditional and classy yet modern and trendy designer pieces. Anarkali is one type of suit which woman irrespective of their body shape – hourglass, rectangle, apple or pear, can easily pull off. Also, these can be combined with leggings, long flared skirts or ethnic jackets depending upon the occasion you are wearing it for.

Flared Kurtis

Want to go a step better than Anarkali? Choose wide flared kurtis. These kurtis are body tight at the top while flaring out from your waistline. They can do wonder to enhance your feminine beauty and help you master that gorgeous look for a party. These kurtis are highly suitable for tall women as it helps them to showcase their features.

The Last Words

Designer Kurtis are and would be a top trend among ladies throughout any season. The type of kurtis might change depending upon the weather conditions but trendy and colorful ones will always make you look different and help you to stand out from the crowd.